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Fashion Visual Merchandising

Fashion visual merchandisers conceptualize, design and implement window and in-store displays for retail stores in order to attract customers and increase scales. Visual merchandisers are expected to combine their creativity and sense of style with many technical skills, including the art of attracting customers, grabbing their attention and making an impression, maximizing the space available to them at the same time. In designing displays, visual merchandisers consider a variety of factors, including customer interests and preferences, the current seasonal holiday, brand image of their store as well as current fashion trends.

What is involved in fashion visual merchandising? Visual Merchandisers provide input in the designing and layout of stores, or are involved in planning and overseeing layouts of retails store, showrooms, tradeshow displays, and any other parts of the store where customers may be attracted and merchandise may be sold.

A typical job profile includes:

  • Creating and maintaining an image for a department or store that will appeal to its target audience
  • Increasing the flow of customer traffic in the store
  • Planning the layout of items in the store to make it easy for customers to find what they want
  • Utilize visual cues to convincing customers to finally make a purchase
  • Coordinating with other departments and design teams to ensure that the store layout is consistent with the corporate brand image.

Experienced visual merchandisers usually end up opening their own businesses.

How Does a Degree in Fashion Visual Merchandising Help? Online visual merchandising programs allow graduates to combine their artistic and creative flair with the technical skills necessary to design an attractive and appealing store layout. Typical courses include:

  • Principles of Store design
  • Mannequin presentation and display
  • Graphics design techniques
  • Photography skills
  • Customer persuasion techniques
  • Advertising and promotion skills

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