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Fashion Retail Management

A degree in fashion retail management provides students with skills related to business in addition to fashion and design. It helps them to develop management and team work skills as well as analysis, planning and execution of sales and marketing strategies. This degree allows graduates to branch out into a variety of positions from manufacturing and retail management to fashion publicity. Fashion retail management graduates learn successful buying and merchandising principles, as well as sales consultation and other business skills.

How Does a Degree in Fashion Retail Management Help? A successful career in fashion retail management requires a sense of style as well as basic knowhow of business principles. Online degree programs allow students to develop these skills from the convenience of their own homes, allowing them to pursue a career at the same time. Typical courses include:

  • Fashion history
  • Principles of drawing
  • Fundamentals of business, including accounting, marketing and management
  • Promotion skills
  • Retail operations
  • Supply chain management
  • Procurement management
  • Store planning

In short, degrees in fashion retail management equip students with skills necessary to conduct their own retail operations, as well as provide them with the ability of forecast fashion trends and plan shoots.

What Careers are Possible?
Fashion retail managers work in close cooperation with the architects, designers and builders. Their job descriptions vary from marketing, publicity, and visual merchandising to manufacturing and procurement. They may even be involved in management of stores and malls, planning events, selling and marketing, development of products or management of inventories and business contracts.

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