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A degree in fashion merchandising provides graduates with knowledge about textiles, fabrics as well as cultural norms and preferences. It is not limited to clothing, but it also involves jewelry, cosmetics as well as furniture. A fashion merchandising degree program equips students with the skills required to manufacture, buy, promote, and sell clothing as well as furniture and other accessories. Successful fashion merchandisers must not only be creative thinkers, they must also possess a good sense of style, color and design, as well as have a passion for shopping and the ability to work on detailed and complex projects.

How Does a Degree in Fashion Merchandising Help?
A degree in fashion merchandising provides students with the skills they would need to become savvy business professionals in the field of fashion. Typical degrees involve a study of the history of fashion, fabrics and textiles, as well concepts of style and design in different cultures. They are also provided with an overview of basic business skills, including accounting, marketing and management. Typical courses include:

  • Introduction to fashion
  • Business practices
  • Principles of merchandising
  • Supply chain management and procurement
  • Information about textiles

These courses tend to be practical rather than theoretical in nature and involve substantial amounts of project work, field trips, and designer guest speaker sessions. Because of the practical focus, very few universities offer this degree program online.

Typical Careers in Fashion Merchandising Fashion merchandising graduates are typically equipped for a wide variety of careers including, but not limited to:

  • Fashion show coordinator
  • Store or marketing manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Purchase or procurement manager
  • Fashion consultant

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