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Fashion journalism is a broad term involving publications related to the field of fashion. Fashion journalists include fashion writers, fashion critics as well as fashion reporters – in short anyone involved in writing anything and everything related to the latest trends in fashion.

What Kind of Work Is Involved?
Fashion journalists are involved in a wide variety of work ranging from writing fashion features in magazines and newspapers, to writing books and preparing and presenting reports for television, magazines and the Internet. They may even be involved in planning and executing fashion shoots. Fashion journalists need to develop very strong contacts in the fashion industry, as their success depends on how skilled they are at communicating with industry designers, gathering information, researching and conducting interviews.

Where can Fashion Journalists Find Employment?
Fashion journalists opt to work freelance. Others opt for full time employment with publications such as newspapers, tabloids, fashion magazines and industry trade journals, producing write-ups related to fashion or lifestyle trends.

How do Degrees in Fashion Journalism Help?
Advanced degrees in fashion journalism equip graduates with the technical skills necessary to pursue a successful career in fashion journalism. In fact, online degrees now provide this knowledge from the convenience of home.

The technical skills acquired through a degree in fashion journalism include:

  • Background in media
  • Background in fashion
  • The ability to follow cultural trends
  • The ability to forecast trends in fashion
  • Communication and multimedia skills

What Opportunities Exist?
According to statistics provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in 2007, the average annual earnings for established fashion journalists were $60,120 in 2007, and the demand for fashion journalists with an advanced qualification were expected to increase in the coming decade. This is sufficient proof that a degree in fashion journalism can provide graduates with an added boost to their careers.

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